From savannah to jungle. A sonic journey through wild Africa

Nature concert on the 30th anniversary of the Natural Science Museum of Granollers, June 17th 2017. Program SAVANNAH: Savannah Recordings in Kenya and Tanzania 1 Scenes from the African savannah. 8:25 A large group of ... Sigue leyendo

Weekly sound

Encounter with the elephants

Meeting with a group of elephants consisting of adult females, some youngsters, some males and two immatures.

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Place: N.P. Amboseli, Kenya
Date: 2003

How elephants communicate

The meaning of the different elephant calls, for those who have always wanted to "speak elephant". Elephants produce a varied repertoire of sounds (snorts, grunts, barks, cries, trumpets) ranging from powerful trumpet calls to... Sigue leyendo

About me

I studied biology at UB and in 1987 I start recording sounds of nature... Sigue leyendo