Paisaje sonoro invernal en Ortigueira

In November 2014 I was invited by the Association sundew (Galicia) a impartir un taller de iniciación a la grabación de las vocalizaciones de las aves. It was mainly to meet the basic practices, recorders and types of microphones used to capture the songs and calls of birds, from a fan standpoint of birds and listening to nature. Attendees enjoyed probalndo material nature and above all listening through microphones, particularly parabolic.

I did not want to miss the opportunity to visit the Galician coast in winter and enjoy watching wintering waterfowl.

In the port of Ortigueira flow of the tides offer different ornithological spectacles, aquatic, very active and outside the bustle of the city birds move in sands and muds, walking fluttering curlews, very numerous, are for me the great sound players, but there are oystercatchers, sandpipers, gulls, egrets, cormorants with their noisy splashing ...

Winter soundscape
Lloc: Ría de Ortigueira
Data: 26/11/2014