About me

I studied Biology at Barcelona University (UB) and in 1987 I begun recording the sounds of nature, with a special interest for birdsongs. In 1990 I created the label Alosa, nature sounds and published the first guide for the identification of birds in Spain. I subsequently worked on further titles on mammals, frogs and toads, insects, soundscapes, and developed collaborations with other publishers. Several files from my sound library were used in documentariesfor multimedia productions, apps and exhibitions at museums both national and Europeans. I also work for radio programs as well asfor magazines about scientific and musical dissemination.

Sound communication, a crucial element for the life of many species, is part of the natural soundscapes, and listening to nature is a pleasure accessible to anyone, a sonic experience that brings us closer to nature. I give workshops and courses for naturalists, ornithologists, sound artists to learn to recognize bird songs and calls, to distinguish and identify different species and discover them by listening to their vocalizations while on the field, forest or city.